WEBB, Arthur James

Joins up in Yorks Regt in 1916. However 1/5/1918 was Court-Martialled; “when on Active Duty disobeying a lawful command by a superior officer“, a Conscientious Objector,  “Given 2 years imprisonment with hard labour. Sentence later commuted to 1 year. On 10/3/1919 Court-Martialled again for the same thing. On 17/6/1919 released and discharged from the Army.  Apparently Arthur James Webb was deeply religious which could account for his conscientious objections. b 1899 Derwent Hotel, Bamford, his father was John Webb b Abney, (Uncle to James Francis Webb below KIA). Mother was Carlotta. 1911C at the ‘Pheasant Inn’, Sheffield Lane Top. Half-brother of Randolph below.