WESTWOOD, Alfred. M.M.

Joined up 3/9/1914 (under age, it stated 19 on his form when in fact he was 16).  On his Army record the Medical Officer A.R Fordyce wrote ” Apparent age 19 years 60 days, I consider him fit for service”.  40151 East Yorks Regt before being transferred 29/12/1916 Sgt 13228  Y & L. Wounded; GSW left ear Oct 1915, GSW right arm July 1916, Gas Shell 8/11/1918 (just before the armistice) He also contracted ‘trench foot’ which resulted in him having one foot smaller than the other.  Awarded M.M.

b 1897 Sheffield. 1911C in Sheffield, a saw mill hand. Married Ethel Needham (née Ford) widow of Herbert Needham KIA. Alfred was the brother of George Frederick below and cousin of Fred Standrin and John Willie Standrin above, through his mother Mary Standrin, (b 1874 Hathersage).