TYM, Benjamin

He originally served a number of years before the WW1 with 12 Lancers. Re-enlisted 22483 Pte, placed on reserve cavalry list, but discharged six weeks later on 19/10/1914. It would seem he was never sure of his actual age, as various dates were given, but his birth was registered in 3rd quarter 1871 at Outseats, Hathersage. 1881C gives his birth year as 1872 and living at Thorp, Outseats, with step-father Frank Robinson, fifty years older than himself. 1891C he was in the Lancers Cavalry Barracks, Hulme, Lancs, birth given as 1871. 1901C he was at Silkstone, Yorkshire, giving his birth as 1864. He married Esther Broadley in 1900 at Middlesbrough and had a son, George Allen. 1911C he was a ‘blastfurnace man’ and they were living at Middlesbrough, birth as 1864, yet in Army records in 1914, it showed 1869.