REYNOLDS, Frederick. M.M.

ă 32382  Staff Sgt R A M C. enlisted soon after the outbreak of war. (HPN 18/11/1916,’Awarded the Military Medal for devotion to duty while in action’). (SDT 31/11/1916, of Woodland View, Hathersage is in Newcastle Hospital suffering from ‘trench-feet’). (HPN 16/12/1916; ‘has been in Hathersage this week on a short stay. For eight days after a great battle, he was out in the rain, and not able to dry his clothes, with the result that he was invalided into hospital in Newcastle, for several weeks’).  b 1884 Sheffield. 1911C in Sheffield, a cutlery manager. Eldest son of Mr Andrew Reynolds of 5 Wharncliffe Road, Broomhall, Sheffield. 1918 absent voters address, Crossland (Road), Hathersage. Frederick had a wife (Mabel Arline) and two sons living at Crossland Road.