(DT 22/3/1924; ‘Mr John Wiggett, a well-known native of Hathersage, met with an accident some weeks ago at Messrs. Vickers’ works in Sheffield, as reported in the Derbyshire Times at the time. He sustained a compound fracture of the leg and the limb has since been amputated. Wiggett, it is stated, has been gradually darkening in colour for the last seven years, and is now a bluish-black tint from head to foot as he lies in Sheffield Infirmary. He commenced to go darker during the war, when he was engaged on some special work. The extent of the colour varied at times, but latterly Mr Wiggett has been very dark, his colour at times being blue-black. The colour has deepened since he has been in the Infirmary. The case is a very strange and unusual one, and it is thought the nature of the man’s work during the war may have had something to do with the change in colour’) He could be the uncle b 1885 of Charles Lawrence above?